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Fuquay Gun Proudly supports the To Make A Child Smile Foundation

to make a child smile foundation imageAlmost daily organizations come to us asking for donations for their cause and frankly we don’t have the resources to help all of the folks that come to us for support. We feel as though it would be very unfair of us to pick and choose which ones we will help and which ones we will not. So we have decided to support the one that helps those who need it the most in our opinion. This is an AWESOME organization that I am very proud to say that my cousin Gary Hughes and his wife Barbara started. I could not be more proud of them and the entire organization and all the kids they have helped. Fuquay Gun Started by donating guns for the foundation to raffle off a few years ago and the more we learned about the organization the more we wanted to help!

We proudly Support To Make A Child Smile Foundation for many reasons the biggest is,
The To Make a Child Smile Foundation has one simple goal:

Give children that have no other reason to smile something to smile about.

Their organization is dedicated to seeking out and assisting needy children within our community and making a positive impact on their lives. A lot of research goes into making certain that each child helped truly needs help.

We also like the fact that no one at the organization is putting one red cent in their pockets for any reason. The To Make A Child Smile Foundation commits 100% of donations to helping children in need. The Board of Directors is comprised of professionals that work in our community and their efforts are completely volunteered.

Each member has the same vision and is steadfast to ensure that children that truly need a reason to smile are given the opportunity, therefore donating his or her time and sometimes supplies to pursue our goal!

We truly believe in this organization and if you are looking for the right organization to help out then I think you may have found it today, I don’t think you can find a better organization. The To Make a Child Smile Foundation currently receives donations from private sources ranging from businesses and individuals to service organizations. We also hold special fundraising campaigns each year.

If you wish to help make a child smile, there are many ways this can be done. You or your organization may sponsor a special child for a year, or you may make a general contribution which will help needy children. You can donate any resource available — your time, money or gifts — while knowing that 100% will benefit a child.

If you have any questions or would like to make a contribution please call:

Gary Hughes (919) 669-5369, or

To Make A Child Smile Foundation
P.O. Box 302
Angier, NC 27501

or Donate thru PayPal at the top of the their web page.

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