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Fuquay Gun takes pride in providing excellent customer service. We have provided a number of ways for our Customer Care team to help you.

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Customer Reviews

I wanted to let you know what an excellent class we had with Officer Strickland for the CCL this past Saturday.  No surprise to you I’m sure, he is a great instructor, very much on top of the subject matter, and shows his passion for helping new gun owners start things the right way.    Your facilities were top notch and everything we needed was supplied for a safe and rewarding day!  Hope to see you soon around the store.   Thanks again!

Jack M. and Evan M.

You're doing it all wrong. This isn't how a gun store is supposed to be run. 

I walked in there, a non-shooter, knowing nothing about guns, had no intention of making a purchase, AND it was 20 minutes to closing. The expectation was, of course, to immediately be identified as an outsider, to be met with glaring, suspicious stares, and purposefully be ignored until my level of discomfort was sufficient to warrant a quick exit. But it didn't happen that way. Instead, I was quickly greeted by Wes. Rather politely, too. This confused me. 

Not wanting to waste his time, I admitted that I was visiting on a whim and really had no reason to be there. Surely, I thought, this would allow him to tend to more important matters, yet he didn't dismiss me. In fact he offered to answer any questions I have. Did I mention I'm from Connecticut? Isn't there something in the Ole' Boys Club code of conduct against engaging a greenhorn Yankee with such helpful assistance? Maybe it was just Wes who didn't get the memo. Either way, I started thinking that maybe this firearms thing is something I could get into.

Well, I played along and proceeded to inquire about the most fundamental basics of the trade. Not once did he chuckle, roll his eyes, sigh impatiently, or even check his watch. In fact, I felt I was being given the same attention as a long time, loyal customer. I wasn’t given scripted, pat answers, rather, I heard examples from his experience, personal preference, and he even asked me questions to get a better feel for where I was coming from. You guys sure run a strange operation. 

Upon my departure I was surprised to see I had actually kept everyone past closing time. If not for the locked front door I would not have noticed, as no one was hinting that it was time to leave. Let me let you in on a little secret: Shutting off the lights and stacking employees by the door, rattling their keys usually sends a clear message for customers to get out. This method of all employees going about their business and cheerfully wishing me a good night as I pass will only make you late for dinner. 

I returned a couple weeks later, still skeptical but feeling a bit more comfortable. This time Doug greeted me, and even though I stated up front that I had been working with Wes, he graciously walked me through the remainder of my rookie questions and showed me a few models. What’s wrong with you people? I fully anticipated feeling awkward, intimidated even, having attempted to infiltrate what I assumed to be a tightly guarded, closed off society of firearms experts. What do I find instead? Nothing but warm, welcoming folks, eager to bring a newcomer into their world. 

Well, I gave up trying to figure it out. The next time I showed up with my pistol purchase in hand, and Wes assured me of my decision. It was several weeks after our initial contact, yet he immediately recognized and greeted me as a returning customer. As we went through the final steps of the purchase he seemed almost excited as I was about me becoming a first time gun owner. 

It’s not what I expected, but it seems to be working.
My thanks to your entire staff, 

I don't get down there as much as I'd like as I'm in N. Raleigh, but when I'm in the area I always stop here. The guys are always very nice and helpful to me so I love going in and see what they have in stock - always hoping they have the ammo I need as it is in demand everywhere!

Colleen G.

This is the way gun stores should be. We were greeted immediately, asked if we could be helped, and I do have to credit Chase for a valiant effort in trying to explain firearms to my wife. Selection and prices were great. I ended up with a nice Smith and Wesson revolver for myself and my wife. We will definitely be back next time we're in the area.

Mike M.

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